House for Two Artists London

House for Two Artists London

This project for two artists and their young family involves the extension and refurbishment of an Edwardian house in West London

Client: Private
Project Status: Completed

The ground floor living areas of this Edwardian house in West London have been opened up towards the rear into an expanded kitchen dining room. A new ground floor family living space has been created, allowing views and light to penetrate through the depth of the house. A top-lit library space helps to connect the front rooms of the house through the existing French windows, into a new side extension. Colour and materiality are important to the interior. Crisp, oak furniture and smooth bright colours, meet existing stained or painted brickwork alongside bare, white and tiled walls. A polished concrete floor contributes to the durable but refined aesthetic.

Upstairs, a new double bed-shelf with integrated storage and steel ladder makes the most of a small bedroom for a child, increasing its volume by opening up into the roof space.

Structural Engineer



Angus Leadley-Brown

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