Limestone Stair House

Limestone Stair House

This early 19thcentury detached house in a countryside location, was initially a convoluted arrangement of small rooms and ad-hoc additions. Our clients required a more open layout, to accommodate their young family, whilst retaining the house’s architectural integrity.

Client: Private
Project Status: Completed
Budget: £750,000

Internally, we introduced light scoops and roof lights to bring natural light into the centre of the house around a bespoke, self-supporting Limestone staircase. Re-focusing the house around spacious new contemporary family rooms, the scheme doubles the floor area of the existing house.  A new, large room extends to the side of the house and orientates the building toward the garden and distant views.

 Gort Scott designed and oversaw the construction of the interiors, including bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, hallway, bedrooms, storage rooms, living areas and a wine cellar.

 Externally we paid close attention to the environmental conditions of the site – the brisk and directional breeze, and the path of the sun around the building - in order to make a series of connected outdoor, landscaped spaces which enjoy a strong relationship to the rooms of the house.

Construction Cost Consultants

Berrie Millar and Cox


David Grandorge

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