Limestone Stair House

Limestone Stair House

The transformation of an early 19th century detached house into a home able to an accommodate a young family while retaining its architectural integrity.

Client: Private
Project Status: Completed
Budget: £750,000

This early 19thcentury detached house in a countryside location was initially a convoluted arrangement of small rooms and ad-hoc additions. Its transformation has enabled an open layout to accommodate a young family, while retaining the house’s architectural integrity.

Internally, light scoops and roof lights were introduced to bring natural light into the centre of the house around a bespoke, self-supporting Limestone staircase. A new, large room extends to the side of the house and orientates the building toward the garden and distant views. Re-focusing the house around spacious new contemporary family rooms has doubled the floor area of the existing house. 

Externally, close attention was paid to the environmental conditions of the site – the brisk and directional breeze, and the path of the sun around the building - in order to make a series of connected outdoor, landscaped spaces which enjoy a strong relationship to the rooms of the house.

Construction Cost Consultants

Berrie Millar and Cox


David Grandorge

Gort Scott
55 Leroy Street
London SE1 4SN

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