House for Two Professors London

House for Two Professors London

Our clients for this project already lived in a beautifully-converted car-assembly factory in Regent’s Park Conservation Area, when they bought a neighbouring property and asked us to assist in creating a scheme to join the two buildings to create a single, larger house.

Client: Private
Project Status: Completed

The adjacent property was smaller than the original house and had very different storey heights.  To make a virtue of what was otherwise a challenging condition, we proposed opening up the lower two floors of the new property, making a double-height space with a mezzanine level.  This creates a generous and unusual space, with a study overlooking the living area that connects the two properties.

The mezzanine is conceived as a piece of furniture inserted into this new, large volume, and is accessed by a compact staircase built into a wall that also incorporates storage and a small WC.  The stair also leads down to a new wine cellar in the basement.

The proposal includes for a fully-automated lighting, heating, audio-visual and security control system.

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