Kerasia House Corfu, Greece

Kerasia House Corfu, Greece

Looking over the Ionian Sea from a hillside grove of olive trees

Project Status: In progress

This house is situated within a grove of olive trees on a steep hillside site, with expansive views over the Ionian Sea. Our brief was to design a family retreat for a repeat client. The built elements of the project are distributed amongst a collection of small buildings set into the landscape, referencing the vernacular of Corfu’s hilltop villages. The structures have been carefully arranged around the canopies of the ancient trees enclosing a central terraced garden and pool. Through a careful study of the site’s topography and local context, the house is embedded in its surrounding natural landscape. Working with local builders and craftsmen, the external walls of the house will be made from a local stone, with a contemporary interpretation of traditional construction techniques used on the island.

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