The Living Screens Cambridge

The Living Screens Cambridge

Gort Scott won planning permission for a new residential-led mixed-use scheme in the centre of Cambridge.   The building proposal was to form a new and significant edge to a large public square in Cambridge and includes 140 apartments, 10 retail units and a cafe. 

Client: Highland Homes
Project Status: Planning consented

Where the building faces onto the public square, it was to be fronted by a sculptural, finely made pre-cast concrete screen, devised in collaboration with artist Michael Tuck.  The screen sits proud of the off-white brickwork of the building envelope, and acts as a veil to both private and public spaces behind. Planting was to be integrated within bespoke window frames that were set within deep brickwork reveals.

The building incorporated an accessible open-air public terrace at first floor level that was the spill out area from a community cafe, key to the project’s objectives of integrating the plan into the surrounding urban context and making the site permeable to pedestrians.  

The proposal was well-received by the Cambridge Design and Conservation panel, who said,“Gort Scott’s Living Screens is an inspiring proposal. It could transform this part of Cambridge from a ‘non-place’ into a public space of real quality.  No other scheme presented to the Design and Conservation panel has been received as warmly as this one”.

Gort Scott's involvement was to planning only due to a change in site ownership. 

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The Living Screens, Cambridgeshire Property Plus, 21st July 2007

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