The Rock, Whistler Whistler, Canada

The Rock, Whistler Whistler, Canada

This project is the winning design for an invited competition to build an exceptional private residence in the Canadian mountain resort of Whistler.

Client: Private
Project Status: Nearing Completion

The site for this house is in an exceptional location with views to surrounding mountain ranges. It sits on a distinctive rocky outcrop above Alta Lake, which gives the project its name. Our competition proposal sought to reconcile several contradictions – expansive views and living spaces whilst maintaining a sense of intimacy, maximising inhabitable area whilst maintaining an understated appearance from public view.

The project comprises a main residence, guest house and outdoor pool within a series of landscaped levels cut into and built out of the rock.

Through sensitive site analysis, the proposed residence acts as an extension of the existing landscape.

Gort Scott are also designing the high end interiors including bespoke fittings. 

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