Sessay Cricket Ground Sessay

Sessay Cricket Ground Sessay

This new hub for Sessay; a distinctive, characterful building and landscape appeals to all ages and is deeply rooted in the village. 

Project Status: Competition

In response to this RIBA open competition, Gort Scott designed a new hub inspired by William Butterfield’s church and school of Sessay, a number of different sized stone buildings linked by a perimeter stone wall. Each building has its own use and architectural character, sited in conversation with one another. The hub is separated into five buildings, linked by a low wall. The space between them is a covered public space/bar/cafe/foyer. The buildings are of the local red brick with red pan-tiled roofs prevalent in the village and surroundings. The roof structure is timber and the face of the colonnade is pre-cast stone. 

The proposal is sited on the existing play-park, between the existing, un-touched, first-team cricket pitch and the new reserve-team pitch. After spending a day on site we chose this location as; It allows the bowling green to remain unchanged, thus saving money and the cherished surface, The bar enjoys southwest evening sunlight, A temporary access road allows the current buildings to be retained during construction, The Kilburn White Horse is framed by the window of the large meeting room and seen from the public garden.  

The central bar/cafe space is a place for people, its atmosphere and scale allows it to operate day and night throughout the year - open, yet intimate. 

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