Publications about Gort Scott

‘Sound Judgement ’
Architecture Today (July 2018)

‘London mayor’s new architecture panel revealed’
Architects Journal (April 2018)

‘The cat's whiskers ’
On Office (November 2017)

‘Gort Scott triumphs in St Hilda's contest’
In: Laura Mark, The Architects' Journal (17th March 2016)

‘51 Hills Road, Jesus College by Gort Scott’
In: James Hogan, The Architects' Journal (9th March 2016)

‘Britains Best Emerging Practices’
In: Merrell , New Architecture 3 (March 2016)

‘Revealed: designs by finalists in St Hilda's contest’
The Architects' Journal (28th January 2016)

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Dezeen (28th January 2016)

‘Don't move, improve in less expensive ways’
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In: Oliver Uberti and James Cheshire, The Information Capital (2014)

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‘Golden public toilet by Gort Scott aims to "inspire confidence"’
Dezeen (17th November 2013)

‘5 Houses by 5 practices’
The Architects' Journal (16th May 2013)

Hugh Strange, ‘Goodrich Community Primary play canopy’
In: Hugh Strange, Building Design (London: 12th April 2013)

‘Isle of Man House by Gort Scott’
Dezeen (15th October 2012)

Kieran Long, ‘Venice Architecture Biennale: shaping London's future’
In: , London Evening Standard (29th August 2012)

‘Venice preview: Gort Scott’
The Architect's Journal (16th August 2012)

La Biennale di Venezia & David Chipperfield , Biennale Architettura 2012, Common Ground (Venice: Marsilio August 2012)

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Building Design (London: 4th May 2012)

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‘Inside London's first Acne Store’
Time Out (5th November 2010)

‘Double Height of Fashion’
Building Design Reviews (November 2010), Volume Retail

‘Gort Scott's playful space opens up school grounds’
Building Design (London: 17th September 2010), Issue 17.09.10

‘A tour of the new Acne Studio in London's Mayfair’
Wallpaper (16th July 2010)

‘Acne Domination’
Vogue (16th July 2010)

‘Acne's London Store’
Elle (10th July 2010)

‘Forgotten Spaces Competition: WINNER’
The Architects' Journal (10th June 2010)

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Paper for Emerging Architectural Reasearch (October 2009), Issue 2

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‘ "Exapanding City", features the Living Screens’
Cambridge Architecture (Autumn 2008), Issue 57

‘Architect at Home interview with FIona Scott.’
The Architects' Journal (15th September 2008)

‘Acne Store by Gort Scott’
Frame Magazine (10th August 2008)

‘Gort Scott Passes Screen Test’
Building Magazine (7th August 2008)

‘High Praise for Bold Building’
Cambridge Evening News (6th August 2008)

‘Gort Scott Passes Screen Test’
The Architects' Journal (31st July 2008)

‘The Living Screens’
Cambridgeshire Property Plus (21st July 2007)

Hayden Case, ‘A Future Face of Cambridge’
Cambridge Property Plus (June 2007)

Writings by Gort Scott

‘Growing London: Defining the Future Form of the City’
In: Fiona Scott, Growing London, supported by Mayor of London (March 2016)

Fiona Scott, ‘Government's Housing Bill comes under fire’
The Architects' Journal (January 2016)

‘Supporting Places of Work: Incubators, Accelerators and Co-Working Spaces’
Prepared on behalf of the Greater London Authority by URS, Gort Scott, Ramidus Consulting & #1 Seed (2014)

Fiona Scott and Olivia Tusinski, ‘Should we let the High Street Die?’
Building Design (London: 12th March 2012)

‘Can improved design help increase Tesco’s profits?’
Building Design (London: 12th January 2012)

‘What Makes a High Street?’
The Unlimited Edition (10th November 2011), Issue 3

Fiona Scott, ‘London High Streets. An Introduction’
Kingston University Architecture Exhibition Book (2011), Issue 2011

Jay Gort , ‘Studio 1: Five Years’
Scroope: The Cambridge University Architecture Journal (2011), Issue 2011

Fiona Scott, ‘High Street Highs and Lows in Suburbia’
The Architects' Journal (8th October 2010)

Fiona Scott, ‘Linear Urbanism and the Enduring London High Road’
Paper for Emerging Architectural Reasearch (2009), Issue 1

Gort Scott
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