The Rock

55 Leroy Street

V&A Epic Iran

Epic Iran exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum


Gateway West office breaking ground


Thames to Tooting sketch in latest AJ issue

Pudding Mill Lane

Mixed-use district forming a part of Stratford’s Olympic legacy

Pudding Mill Lane Square


NLA High street champion

The Rock

A private residence perched upon a rocky outcrop in Whistler

View of dense tall trees and elevation of the house arranged around a rocky outcrop.

St Hilda’s Oxford

Nearing completion

Kerasia House

A private family retreat with expansive views of the Ionian Sea

Kerasia House - Entrance Visualisation

Gainsford Road

Affordable starter homes on a site with an Arts and Crafts legacy

Looking up at the building frontage from the footway.

51 Hills Road

The greenest office in Cambridge

View of building frontage from across the road.

The Magistrates

Brutalist courthouse becomes a dynamic workspace and community cafe

The building's main elevation with a new neon sign, facing onto a lawn.


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Gainsford Road shortlisted for the Waltham Forest Award

We are delighted that our Gainsford Road project has been shortlisted for Waltham Forest Awards.

The project provides 45 affordable one-bedroom homes for first-time buyers in Walthamstow, meeting the borough’s housing aspirations while making a lasting contribution to the area.
Designed to maximise opportunities for resident interaction, the entrance to the building is accessed from the street and is clearly marked by a gateway made of precast concrete elements

Alongside the awards given by the judging panel, the public will also be given the chance to vote their favourite project from the shortlist for the People’s Choice Award.

Click here to vote for Gainsford Road.
The winners will be announced in November.

The building's main elevation with a man walking past.

‘The Rock’ shortlisted for Archiboo’s ‘best use of video’ award

The short film ‘The Rock’ has been shortlisted for Archiboo’s ‘best use of video’ award. Filmed and edited by Tapio Snellman, with sound and music by Adam Lieber.

‘The Rock’ explores the eponymous private residence in the Pacific Ranges of British Columbia. The film attempts to present the building within its natural context and specific atmosphere. Rather than banking on perfect sunshine and sharp shadows, rain and fog are seen as the building’s equally integral components. The interior spaces recreate the original experience of the site, forming a powerful journey from the cavernous atmospheric basement up to light filled living areas.

The awards ceremony will take place on the 14th of October in the new Greenwich Design District.

You can watch the film, here.

Pudding Mill shortlisted for New London Awards

We are delighted that our Pudding Mill project has been shortlisted for NLA’s New London Awards.

The scheme is being designed by Gort Scott and Mikhail Richies with collaborators 5th Studio, RCKa, ZCD, JCLA, BBUK and Stantec. Pudding Mill Lane will be a thriving, new mixed-use local centre around an overground rail station. Bridgewater will be a quiet residential peninsula forming the tip of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Together, the two adjacent neighbourhoods form one masterplan delivering c.1,500 homes, c.2,000 new jobs, with shops, leisure, and new social infrastructure.

‘NLA’s annual New London Awards, presented in association with the Mayor of London, celebrate all scales of projects, from community-led to large-scale mixed-use developments, both built and unbuilt, that contribute to and enhance our vision for a New London: a city that is sustainable, civilised and egalitarian, that seeks to improve the quality and standards of new design.’

The winners will be announced in November.

Pudding Mill masterplan to replace ABBA Voyage arena

Exciting to see the latest images of the proposed ABBA Voyage arena, which will eventually be replaced by our Pudding Mill masterplan! The scheme, designed for the LLDC by Gort Scott and Mikhail Richies with collaborators 5th Studio, RCKa, ZCD, JCLA, BBUK and Stantec, is one of the last significant pieces of the Olympic legacy jigsaw.


The Rock in House & Garden

55 Leroy Street in the Architects’ Journal

Central Parade in Wallpaper

Many architects, through their work, create art and alter environments. A few, like Gort Scott, transform lives.

Private client, The Rock
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