Values-Driven Working

We established our core values as a team, through a series of round-table discussions. They guide us, and they hold us together. Having explored and reflected, we have learnt how interconnected these values are.

Be aware of your impact
Advocate and articulate responsibility

“The projects we undertake affect peoples’ lives, local places, other species and the planet in countless ways. We take responsibility for the ways that we can influence the environmental and social impact of each project.”
- Jonathan Mann

Engage with the context
It gives power to ideas

“All our projects, from Wembley WCs to the Whistler House, from Pudding Mill Lane masterplan to the homes at Gainsford Road, start with an enquiry about the surroundings, the peripheries, the circumstances and conditions that give rise to the place and perceptions of place. It is from here that new ideas take root and grow.”
- Jay Gort

View of the bakery and café with shop fronts in the distance.
View of the bakery and café with shop fronts in the distance.

Value relationships
Help make others successful

“In the city as much as in life, we believe success is built on interdependences and collaborations. There’s a touch of karma in there, but it is more pragmatic than that. This approach applies to the mutually-supportive relationship between the uses of buildings and spaces in a town centre - and it also applies to the mutually-beneficial successes of our clients and collaborators.”
- Susie Hyden

Cultivate curiosity
Have the courage to ask questions

“Curiosity is the key to learning and discovery. It is a thread that draws you deeper into an idea, and links to new ideas. This core value prevents us making false assumptions or taking anything for granted and is a key component of managing risks.”
- Fiona Scott

Bring joy
Create opportunities through optimism and enthusiasm

“Our work is serious, we manage complex, contradicting and often conflicting forces. But there has to be joy in it – for others and for ourselves. Bringing joy within our interactions together within Gort Scott, working in teams, and engaging with stakeholders is intended to open the door to opportunity. Joy should be manifest in the design process and the experience of the places we design.”
- Joe Mac Mahon