Does housing benefit the high street ecosystem?

As part of the Property X-Change programme of events, on Wed 7th Dec Gort Scott are hosting a breakfast forum at their self-built Bermondsey office exploring the question ‘Does housing benefit the high street ecosystem?’.

As many new developments in town centres become residentially led, we want to bring together a variety of experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of delivering housing on the high street.

Led by Fiona Scott, co-founder of Gort Scott and Mayor’s Advisory Board member for High Streets, and joined by Neil Murphy from TOWN, Esther Everett from the LLDC and Julian Lewis from East, we will discuss:

  • Does housing benefits the high street ecosystem?
  • What does it mean to live ‘on the High Street’?
  • How can we innovate to create fair and equitable places to live at density, and live comfortably alongside other uses?

Join the discussion! We welcome those interested in delivering high street and town centre housing to join in sharing knowledge and thoughts on what design and commercial innovations might be required to better knit housing into the wider town centre ecosystem, while safeguarding the quality of living for all old, new, and future high street residents.

Join via the Property X-change website or send an expression of interest to our team.