Jay & Fiona Invited to Deliver Annual RIBA Lecture

Jay Gort and Fiona Scott have been invited by the Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) to deliver the annual RIBA Lecture which marks the launch of Oxford Open Doors, Friday 9 September 2022. With previous RIBA Lectures having been given by Alison Brooks, Jim Eyre and Niall McLaughlin; we are looking forward to becoming part of an ongoing discussion.

The lecture, Found Resonance, will centre on Gort Scott’s work for St Hilda’s College as well as other projects in London, Oxford and internationally. Presenting an insight into how we use informed architecture to stitch cities together, create accord, craft actively, feed friendships, imagine futures, and circulate limited resources effectively.

For 15 years OPT have been running Oxford Open Doors, an annual weekend which allows the public access to private buildings in a celebration of heritage and culture across the city.