Lendlease summer placement programme with Gort Scott

Gort Scott ran a 1-week summer placement for two Year 12 students at London Design & Engineering UTC organised by Lendlease, in line with wider socioeconomic aspirations at Silvertown to promote STEM careers and encouraging work opportunities. The students were challenged to design a home for a young family by retrofitting a space within an existing building. Supported by mentors Edwin, Florence and Martin, the students Nicolos and Ben lead their own research and developed concepts, of which they successfully presented at Lendlease office among other students and mentors.

“Having my work experience with Gort Scott allowed me to increase my awareness of the architectural world and understand what sort of actions take place, from being given briefs that can vary very drastically, to spending days on end designing what you have been briefed on. The day to day is pretty relaxing with a lot of learning and putting practical skills to use. The environment is also very friendly. I am so glad to have had this work experience, thank you to my mentors and everyone else at Gort Scott” - Nicolos Makatsaria