St Hilda’s Oxford

Unity Place

Central Parade (Phase 1)

View of the bakery and café with shop fronts in the distance.

The Rock

View of dense tall trees and elevation of the house arranged around a rocky outcrop.

Gainsford Road

Looking up at the building frontage from the footway.

Pudding Mill Lane

Pudding Mill Lane Square

51 Hills Road

View of building frontage from across the road.

Gateway West

The Magistrates

The building's main elevation with a new neon sign, facing onto a lawn.

St Catharine’s Cambridge

St Catharine's College Hall Lantern View

High Streets Adaptive Strategies

Cover of the Mayor of London's guidance publication "High Streets & Town Centres – Adaptive Strategies".

Harrow New Civic Centre

Harrow Civic Centre, View east from Wealdstone Square

Nine Elms Park

Nine Elms Park, Facade Study

55 Leroy Street

The London Cat Clinic

The London Cat Clinic, Doctor and Cat in Clinic

Credon House Bermondsey

Forest Road

Brixton Market

Brixton Market

Connecting Colliers Wood

Arnhem Drive

View of the new buildings from amongst the trees at Addington Vale.

Wembley WCs

Wembley WC Pavilion, WC Pavilion Interior

Central Parade (Phase 2)

Waxwell Lane

Waxwell Lane - Mews View (square)

Kerasia House

Kerasia House - Entrance Visualisation

Southall Tower

Southall Tower - Bay Study at Night

Lantern House

Lantern House, Internal View Towards Garden

House for Two Artists

House for Two Artists - Kitchen

Sardinia House

Capo d'Orso, Internal View

London Bankside

Byron Quarter

40 Long Acre

Seafield House

Acne Store Dover Street

Renovated Interior

High Street London


Waltham Forest New Civic Building

V&A Epic Iran


Camberwell Area Plan

Leyton Mills

Oxford Covered Market

Station Road Merton

Waltham Forest Town Hall Masterplan

Waltham Forest Town Hall & Assembly Hall

Three Mills Studios

Bridge Avenue Mansion