Londonon The Circular Block

Utilising reuse and regeneration to develop a sustainable circular district for Lasnamäe

Part of Tallin’s 2022 Architecture Biennale, The Circular Block competition invited participants to consider Lasnamäe, Tallinn’s most populous suburb, as the site of a multi-layered design and research project questioning established linear models of production and consumption, and proposing strategies that could shift the district towards integrated and socially responsive circular systems.

Lasnamäe today

Our entry considers all invited scales of enquiry and represents a comprehensive vision for a circular district, driven by empowered residents through adaptable structures of highly participatory governance and decision-making. We imagine a digitally-enabled ‘People’s Parliament’, with strong social connections fostered in the physical pursuit of growing, sharing and reuse. The activity is rooted in a productive hydraulic landscape and shared spaces constructed from repurposed materials and redundant building components.

Renewal and regeneration throughout Lasnamäe

Engagement with decision making on all scales, opportunities for training and career-making in critical high-skilled sectors, and the shared experience of quickly manifested results, galvanise the community around common circular principles. The gradual expansion of activity and development of a district centre composed of civic structures, largely constructed from material gathered from refurbishment works, which evolve in scale as the momentum of regeneration increases, and which support the future of the district.

Ultimately, the district, forever ‘unfinished’, sustains its own continual renewal and inspires and offers support to a wider movement of kindred projects.

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Tallin, Estonia
Project type
Urban design, Heritage and adaptation


Tallin Architecture Biennale
Haptic Architects, Morris+Company, Mae, Neighbourhood, Elliot Wood and Skelly & Couch
Gort Scott Team
Jay Gort, Fiona Scott, Florence Fathers